Installation of 3 weather stations in the south of Greenland (Prince Christian Sound) with the University of Liège (Belgium)

These weather stations will study the katabatic winds in order to measure the wind potential of South Greenland. The stations are installed for a period of 3 years and transmit the data directly to the university using a satellite connection.


Stops in different villages and interviews with the locals about the changes observed in Greenland

  • Fishermen about new fish species, longer summers with more ice-free days and rising water temperatures
  • Farmers and archaeologists in the village of Igaliku
  • Scientists and geologists about the proposed mining projects

Planting trees with the Danish association “Greenland Trees”

We’ve planted 4,000 trees in two weeks. We stayed for a week with the glaciologists who are conducting this carbon offset project from 26th August to 1st September. We are financing part of the trees to offset the emissions linked to our expedition.

Weather buoys for Météo France

Deployment of 3 weather buoys to improve forecasts in the Atlantic Ocean.


Water samples for the L’OCEAN laboratory in Paris

100 water samples recovered to analyze the salinity of the water in the Atlantic Ocean.













Captain of the Expedition
A passionate adventurer, Tobias has visited more than 65 countries. His last trip lasted more than 4 years on land and sea. He has a total of 85,000 km, including 42,000 km by sail, 35,000 km by motorcycle, 30,000 km by hitchhiking & 3,800 km by plane. Now a professional skipper, Tobias is determined to...


Expedition Director
After living in Polynesia for a few years where she learned sailing, Sophie set off to sail around the world. During a trip of more than 2 years she met Tobias with whom she now sails. Since then she wants to share her experience and invest her skills and time to defend the environment. She...


Based in Provence, in the south of France, Julien is a photographer and blogger focused on nature and traditional lifestyles in harsh environments. After living a love story with the arctic lights of northern Norway, where he settled down and discovered his passion for photography, he happened to fall into the arms of the Himalayas....


Self-taught and passionate about photography, I discovered the power of a camera at the age of 12. Since then, I have never been separated from my camera. It is the best way to transmit my emotions, my feelings and especially the way I see the world.

Michael FONDER

Trained as an electrical engineer, Michaël is currently a doctoral student at the Institut Montéfiore, the department of electricity and computer science at the University of Liège, Belgium. Aware from a very young age of the need to preserve our planet, he wishes to invest his energy and skills at the service of the great...
Michael FONDER

Thomas BOUR

Thomas is a multifaceted filmmaker. Since 2010, he has directed two documentaries, music videos, multimedia videos and web creations. He is also very attached to the notion of transmission, regularly intervening in video workshops for young audiences.As a drone pilot, he can also take care of aerial shots.
Thomas BOUR


I share your approach and your commitment to the Arctic.

It is on the ground that we acquire the experience, the legitimacy and the strength to speak about it.

I support the Unu Mondo expedition.

Jean-Louis Etienne
Doctor Explorer

We are seeing a massive change very very quickly and these Arctic communities are like the canary in the coal mine – they are seeing it before anyone else. I’m proud to support Unu Mondo’s Expedition highlighting Climate change on these communities.

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